Cold Eye Earth, formerly The Gregor Letter, takes its inspiration from the stoic wisdom expressed in the well known, final lines of Yeat’s Under Ben Bulben: Cast a cold eye / On life, on death. / Horseman, pass by! Now that the first phase of energy transition is behind us—driven by powerful advances in technology and cost curves—the middle phase will require a renewed form of sobriety and realism about our rate of progress. Even as fossil fuels now come into their respective peaks, path dependency and continued global economic growth make for a stubborn set of consumption plateaus. To achieve actual declines in emissions, therefore, will require a new kind of effort—one that doesn’t rely solely on the deployment of clean energy.

Gregor Macdonald is a freelance journalist who covers cities, climate, and energy. After years spent in Boston, Los Angeles, and London, he currently resides with his family in Portland, Oregon. Writing about the energy transition for over a decade, his work has appeared in the Economist Intelligence Unit, Petroleum Economist, Atlantic Media’s Route Fifty, PV Magazine, Next City, Nature, The Rocky Mountain Institute, and Buzzfeed. Gregor also gives regular talks to university students and other professionals seeking to better understand the current energy transition.

Cold Eye Earth enjoys substantial readership internationally, and is widely read among academic, financial, and policymaking institutions. The letter primarily relies on industry knowledge gained through regular reporting, and consultation with a global network of experts. There is also a heavy emphasis on data collection and research. The publication cycle is every other Monday, and adheres to a strict deadline: just after midnight Pacific, in time for the morning readership in London.

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